Battletech Tactics: Striker Combat Vehicle

Now just in BATTLETECH, but especially in Battletech redundancy is important. Having enough similar shots at each range means something will consistently hit. The Awesome mech is an example of this- fire off one PPC, will you hit? Add in range and movement modifiers. Add in your movement modifier. Add in cover. Those are quite a few modifiers to deal with, but if you have three PPC's, you have the redundancy to at least break through those modifiers with one shot. 

One in none, two is one, three is some is the saying. In higher battle value games, it's easy to get in redundancy on all range level because you have the points to spare, but what about smaller games where you might not have the points to cover all range brackets and have redundancy? Enter the Striker combat vehicle. 564 battle value points gets you an armored combat vehicle with one LRM 10 pack and one SRM 6 pack, with enough reloads on both for the battle. 

This duality of both long and short range missiles allows the vehicle to fill both long range support, with the ability to indirect fire, and later close in support with the SRM 6. The Striker gives you both choices which will be used in battle- all Battletech engagements start at long and close to short. "Medium" ranges in the game tend to quickly transition to either short or long range. If we are playing a really small battle value game, the Striker lets us get both long and short range support. In larger battle value games, they provide extra initiative sinks and more long/short range support for little battle value.

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