Battletech Mech Tactics: Stinger

I view the Stinger as an all around recon mech- the type of machine you take when you aren't really sure what mission you may face. 

As a recon mech why would it be superior to the Locust or even a Jenner? Let's find out... As a light mech speed is first- moving and jumping lots of hexes is going to stack the movement dice against your mech, and we are always going to by trying to run away from any opposing mechs. Range + movement keeps you safe since armor is paper thin. 

Stinger has the speed and jump jets. Tactically I'd argue a good recon mech needs a part of hands- what disqualifies the Jenner and Locust as an example. You might need to run into the supply depot and grab something. Jump, grab the los-tech data core and get out. 

Stinger has this and the correct recon weapon load out to match. Recon means running around in the back and sides of the gaming table, or running into a base or defended area- infantry and light vehicles often guard these places as for the battle value you can't go wrong. A few stands of infantry with LRM and laser or SRM for 300 or less battle value dug into terrain are hard to remove and a threat to many mechs- same with cheap tanks mounting big guns. 

 Stinger has the machine guns X 2 to melt infantry and a medium laser for vehicles- using the speed of the mech and jump jets if needed to try and get side armor for increased motive hit chances. Hands knock out the Locust. Weapon knock out the Jenner- Jenner has better weapons- but not an anti-infantry load out vs. the Stinger, plus no hands on the Jenner. 

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