Battletech Mech Tactics: Marauder

The Marauder MAD-3R. 

A classic Battletech battlemech, an excellent command and support mech. 

Piloting the MAD, the mechwarrior looks to exploit the two strengths of this machine- redundancy and range. Redundancy in Battletech is where you have two or more weapons with the same profile and or range- in this case the 2 PPC and the single autocannon with range, and for damage the 2 PPC. 

Redundancy gives you additional chance to hit beyond the one shot, and from a good distance the Marauder strikes out- firing a PPC and auto cannon, or duel PPC with a turn to cool. That is 10/5 or 10/10, or 10/10/5 damage a turn at range. 

The Marauder likes to stay at range and hit for the PPC damage turn after turn, but if needed, or if the opponent closes it also has redundancy in the two medium lasers for 5/5 damage plus the autocannon for 5/5/1. 

A consistent damage dealer each turn, an amazing support or anchor mech.

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