Battletech Mech Tactics: Hermes

Battletech: I tend tend to view the HERMES as a heavy recon mech- the type of battlemech you send into your opponent's deployment zone to disrupt support vehicles, mess with artillery units, and cause trouble.  

The two medium lasers and especially the flamer are well suited for the type of stuff it might encounter and plans to hunt- missile carriers, infantry guarding objectives, buildings and support structures. I find it is also a match for most other light mechs, yet with enough speed to get out of there when a medium mech pulls away from the advance to try and hunt your Hermes down. 

Unlike quite a few other light mechs, the weapon configuration adds to its staying power. Light mech tend to quickly get their arms blown off- arms in general have the least armor across any weight class. Many light mechs have weapons in the arm slots- the Hermes does have the flamer and one medium laser in the arms, but at least this is distributed. 

The second laser in the center torso means you always have at least one weapon to fire- center one goes, as a light mech, and generally you are cored out at that point.

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