Battletech Mech Tactics: Dragon

In the BATTLETECH universe I find the Dragon to be an interesting mech. A heavy mech, that seems to play more like a medium mech in terms of tabletop tactics. BUT, is certainly a heavy mech in terms of staying power- and that, I believe is the unlock for the mech. 


LRM 10 in the center torso. AC/5 right arm. 2 medium lasers, one in the left arm and one in the rear torso. 

First pass has me expecting a bit more in terms of firepower, perhaps along the lines of the Marauder or Warhammer, and given the limited number of weapons, is one wasted by bring in the rear? LRM 10 means on average the damage will be "ok", but nothing compared to the "average" damage rolls of an LRM 15 or 20- which is naturally why I prefer those. LRMs depend on the wight class in my opinion. An LRM 10 on a light mech like the Valk is good. LRM 10's on heavy mechs, should be 15's at a minimum like found on the Orion. AC 5 also seems kind of light. 

BUT, a mech does not (usually) exist alone, and we need to explore it when working with other mechs. I see and use the Dragon as a bodyguard mech. Joining with other close in heavy or assault mechs where the fight is going to be intense. On the way in the Dragon works in a support role with the range on the AC and LRM. When it closes we have the lasers and AC first, and maybe the LRMs. 

Where I see it is engaging other medium or heavy mech that your own heavy/assault mechs don't want to engage. With the armor of the Dragon, it engages stuff as a placeholder to buy you time for your other mechs. You and I are danger close fighting it out, one of your medium mechs breaks from the group and is going to try and get rear armor on my Marauder or Warhammer. 

I need the MAD or WAR to stay focused on the mechs in front, but can't just let you get rear. Dragon stops this. Dragon can also engage multiple mechs- front and rear buying time. In my games, even with it only being one medium rear laser, it does get a lot of shots. 

As an attack mech the Dragon seems to be ho-hum given its weapon load-out. But as a close in support mech, it is VERY solid.

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