Battletech Mech Tactics: Catapult

Any time that I have faced the Catapult on the table it has done well. Win or lose, it has always gotten some good licks in, and leaves me wondering why I don't play it as much as I do- counter, there are just so many amazing mechs to play. 

Is a Catapult in your collection? 

It should be. We start off with the main focus of the mech 2 LRM 15 packs. This gives it a good long range punch and support role across two very important attributes: First is redundancy- with two LRM packs there is a good chance at average to hit rolls that you will connect. Second is the 15 spread- roll average and you do some good damage, roll above average on the spread and it packs a punch. And of course range- hit them before they hit you, plus the chance for indirect fire. When you get close, as is the bane of many other dedicated support mechs, the LRM's lose effectiveness under the minimums, but the 

Catapult has a nasy surprise here- 4 medium lasers. We aren't going to hold off a Warhammer with these, but it does have some bite for the times you get caught or if things get real bad and you need to call up mechs out of a support role the Catapult has a good response. Light and medium mechs that would normally hunt a support mech need to think twice. Add jump jets and suddenly all sorts of options open up- not only getting away, or getting into a good position, but also doing pop-up attacks. Running into position and hiding behind hills or buildings, and when a mech comes into range- jumping up and firing away. 

When you come under return fire, jump down. DOA is also another options. Drawbacks? Ammo, in terms of limited shots, but only if you are playing in a campaign. Lack of hand? As a heavy mech, it would be nice to brawl with the tonnage, but the Catapult is a support mech, so we aren't missing out on much.

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