Wargaming Tactics: What Is Your Opponent’s Army Plan?

Miniatures on the table, dice at the ready, when does the wargaming really start?

For many it is that first turn of moving and shooting units.

Some would say that the game REALLY starts during the deployment phase as you try to gain a superior position (or a defensive position) before it really starts.

But what about during the setup?

Sometimes you know the type of army or armada that you will be facing based on the narrative of the game, and at other times, noticeably pickup games you might not.

As your opponent is taking out their models and getting them ready to deploy, THAT is the time to look them over and ask just what they plan to do with them.

What are the unique attributes of the models?

Infantry heavy?

Armor heavy?


Fast moving units that would be perfect for an outflank?

The army tactics that will be used against you are dictated by the abilities of the units on the table- take those few moments to see the narrative of those units.

See you on the table!